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Behind the Mask: Central Jersey Urgent Care and My InstaDoc Staff During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic hit U.S. healthcare suddenly in March 2020 and New Jersey felt it hard like many of the Tri-State area including Central Jersey Urgent Care and My InstaDoc. Our centers had to react very quickly, not an easy thing to do when you’re dealing with a highly contagious novel virus spreading quickly through communities and wreaking havoc on our medical system.


On The Front Lines

Our practice managers had to restructure and organize staff, workflow, and processes along with our administrative team to make sure everyone was as safe as possible quickly and efficiently on short notice.

“At 3:30pm on March 18th, I was told that the next day we’re converting to a COVID testing center,” recalled Jennie Truex, practice manager of Central Jersey Urgent Care of Eatontown.


Physicians, medical assistants, and others on the front lines of clinical care were helping thousands of seriously ill patients while lacking basic PPE—and trying to keep themselves from falling ill. Our staff are certainly heroes who answered the call of providing care during COVID-19. Central Jersey Urgent Care and My InstaDoc were on the front lines in New Jersey, providing hundreds of tests per day to keep up with the demand.


Challenges During Crisis

Despite the stress, the medical staff and providers worked hard to find moments of light and joy throughout the last few months and our staff has faced many challenges overcoming the difficulties of an ever-changing and evolving processes surrounding COVID-19. After working long hours caring for everyone who stepped through our doors, we went home to our families and did our best to remember that everyone is going through this together.

Dr. Salvatore Mule shares, “When we take off the white coats and we put the scrubs in the hampers, I am Sal the dad, Sal the husband, and Sal the regular citizen who is just as concerned about COVID-19 and the repercussions it has on our families and our professional lives.”



At Central Jersey Urgent Care and My InstaDoc, our staff joined with the communities around us to stand strong against the pandemic and work together with care and compassion.  Support poured in from community members who took extra care to remind our staff that they were appreciated for all of their hard work whether that was sending food to us or flowers or even handwritten Thank You notes.


Working Together

Today Central Jersey Urgent Care and My InstaDoc continues to provide the quality, convenient care to our communities and work hard on the front lines to keep our family, friends, and communities as safe as possible from the pandemic.

We are not out of the woods yet with this unprecedented pandemic, but we have worked hard together, adapted, and improved our performance consistently to care for our patients.
We appreciate all of your support and understanding. Let’s continue to work together to keep our communities safe!