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Coronavirus Testing

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Coronavirus Testing

Coronavirus testing in Eatontown, NJ


New Robbinsville Testing Site

Additional COVID-19 testing is located at Robbinsville Municipal Township Building Parking lot. For more information regarding this testing site please visit our page CJ Urgentcare Robbinsville Township Municipal COVID-19 Testing Site.

Coronavirus Testing
Central Jersey Urgent Care is committed to helping our neighbors get through this crisis. We understand the issues surrounding this disease and are prepared to deliver high-quality care. We have been allocated testing kits and will be conducting tests for those that need to be tested.
Do I need to be tested?
We will test patients that have the Coronavirus symptoms. If you are feeling ill and want to get tested, please Preregister. Testing kits are limited but restocked frequently, so if the site is not available today, please check back tomorrow.
Patient Cost
The CDC requires that only patients that have been examined by a doctor to determine if a patient needs to be tested for COVID-19. CJUC provides the examination and the determination as part of the testing. Therefore, the cost to each patient varies based on the individual’s healthcare policy copay, deductible and insurance coverage. Some insurance companies are waiving patient cost sharing. Patients should check with their insurance companies to determine their coverage. The self-pay cost for uninsured patients is $99.
It is safe to come to one of our centers
· We have devised a process to make sure you are safe and won’t get sick if you come to one of our centers.
· We triage patients for Coronavirus patients outside in your car (or in a tent) so that there is no possibility of cross-contamination.
If you feel you may have Coronavirus and want to get tested please Preregister here.

We will continue to remain open to make sure that we are treating our patients for any type of illness or injury… till we absolutely cannot. And we hope that we can continue to stay open every day to serve you.

Important Downloads

If you have questions regarding your lab test results contact us at:

732-250-9490 during the hours of 9AM-5PM, Monday through Friday.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing Locations

 OceanRobbinsvilleSomersetEatontownBrowns MillsMonroeMarlboroHowell
SundayN/A9AM - 7PMN/A9AM - 4PM9AM - 6PM 8AM - 8PM 
MondayN/A8AM - 8PMN/A9AM - 6PM8AM - 8PM 8AM - 8PM9AM - 5PM
TuesdayN/A8AM - 8PMN/A9AM - 6PM8AM - 8PM9AM - 5PM8AM - 8PM 
WednesdayN/A8AM - 8PMN/A9AM - 6PM8AM - 8PM 8AM - 8PM9AM - 5PM
ThursdayN/A8AM - 8PMN/A9AM - 6PM8AM - 8PM9AM - 5PM8AM - 8PM 
FridayN/A8AM - 8PMN/A9AM - 6PM8AM - 8PM 8AM - 8PM9AM - 5PM
SaturdayN/A9AM - 7PMN/A9AM - 4PM9AM - 6PM9AM - 5PM8AM - 8PM