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Autism Friendly

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World Autism Awareness day

Autism Friendly

Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a broad range of conditions, all characterized by difficulties with social skills, communication, and compulsive or repetitive behaviors. Central Jersey Urgent Care understands that there is not one form of autism, but many, making each case unique.

Autism is a spectrum disorder, and we believe that each child’s unique strengths and challenges equip him to succeed.

At Central Jersey Urgent Care, we have updated our centers to fit the needs of our patients with autism. Our physicians have undergone training to better adjust to anyone’s needs, young or old.

April is World Autism Month and Central Jersey Urgent Care is proud to take part. Each year, we invite friends, families, and neighbors around New Jersey to come together to bring awareness and understanding to this condition and those who have it. Please join us on Facebook and Instagram to see how we are doing our part to keep the tradition of acceptance going!